Feb. 22nd, 2020 11:11 am
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I am constantly worried I'm not playing her well!! Assuage my fears, or, alternatively, help me improve!

Anon is on, comments are screened, and IP logging is off!
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I'll probably add more to this post when I remember what usually goes on these things, but for now the most important thing is:

GLaDOS's current online presence essentially boils down to "Internet predator", and although I probably won't actually be RPing that specific part, I completely understand if anyone wants to opt-out of interactions with her based on this. Comments on this entry are screened, so you can let me know here or just send me a PM if you want to opt-out, and I'll comply no questions asked!
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so basically at some point glados is gonna make a new memo that consists solely of her being the worst most awful person ever to EVERYONE. in public.

this includes: bringing up awful memories
revealing secrets
making fun of people

if u are so inclined pls submit any of the above (things that are not awful are also welcomed; she's not really gonna get to pick and choose things so let's give her some happy stuff to get mad about) for GLaDOS's awful perusal

and i mean obviously if there's stuff you don't want her to know that's perfectly fine (she didn't get the god tier anyway, just powers), i just

glados is going to enjoy this.
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Name: GLaDOS
Gender: Female
Source: Portal
Canon point: post-canon
Age: several decades since first activated
Colour: ffc20f
Chumhandle: neuroToxin

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